It seems to me

You never let go of hatred

But, hear me out:

You always clung to love.

We grew up in a place where plates flew

Where a kiss was followed by a yell

And a yell by a kiss

Where hate and love happened like one tree with two roots.

And so of course,

We tore each other’s hair out by the handful as we held hands on the street

Our kisses were followed by yells and our yells by kisses

We screamed and cried and bullied between the pet names

We made each other small and big

And to us, it was all the same.

And now we’re here, grown up,

And you, I think, still hate.

I have lost the how.

When I left home, I severed hatred like a black limb and cast it off

I spent years learning to wince away from anything that looked like anger

I never wanted to yell again.

You, the littler, wiser one

I think knew

That to cut down the trunk was to kill both roots.


One thought on “

  1. Wow Charlotte, you really ARE good, but I already knew that. Bravo, just keep writing sweetie, you really do have a knack for it.

    Love you very much, your Nona

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